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If he works out for the long run with Jo Yoon Hee that would be the best and good luck to them!Cha Ji-Won (Lee Jin-Wook) is a UDT officer of the Navy Special Operations Force. thank you for this breathtaking drama Started watching Goodbye Mr.

because i love this drama very much i started to recommend and actually they really love it. Then I followed his other dramas, I sense him a capable actor, he can be fun and serious,deep in his role, also he is good in choosing his project, I am always satisfied with the project he chose... I have a hard time keeping up with all the characters in the show and who belongs to who.This site helps a lot as you can see the actors and who they are portraying. First time I saw Lee Jin-Wook, such a best drama !! Thank u goodbye ^^ you guys make me cannot move on T.We get fun cameos from Jung Joon-young and Lee Seo-jin as rival boyfriends, and Seo-jin has the hilarious line in the trailer: “You’re like a shrimp chip. I love that after Seung-gi guested on and got labeled as Seo-jin’s slave, he’s now referred to as a slave in the trailer for his movie.The tone turns more heartfelt at the end of the teaser when she says she’s not going to love anymore, and he asks if she even knows what love is before leaving in tears. I love that the entire concept for this romantic comedy movie is bemoaning these “some” kind of relationships, where you’re dating but not dating, friends but not friends, and something but nothing is going on all at the same time. Today’s Love stars Moon Chae-won as the girl who’s got Lee Seung-gi’s heartstrings wrapped around her fingers, and tells the funny (or sad?

) story of their constantly confusing dynamic, which should be loads of fun.Maybe I saw him earlier in the show, or some where along the line, but sometimes I have trouble remembering who is who, as their names at times are so similar. Apart from that, I think every casts did very well.Cute Woo-Jin (Song Jae-Rim) lost the girl he liked. Two of my favorites are Two Weeks and Inspiring Generation. I am not being bias, but whoever work with LJW always do well.On the contrary, this is the best one for me,I rewatch it for 3 times.The writer tried best to let us easily catch the plot by flashing back the scene or explaining it in detail, I love it , thanks a lot ! All the main actors here not acting as good as their previous dramas .You all have won our hearts, gonna love this drama forever ! at least like pretty mari cos kaya would look really good ... the male lead is so handsome , I feel that he is so good in crying act, but a bit flat in other expressions... JR said both SJ and JW were not in the right mind to process Papa Cha's inheritance split cos of emnity etc....