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“Most couples try to keep it quiet, but by the time they tell, the whole office already knows,” says Powers. Because no matter how you look at it, stepping out on your spouse with someone at work is just a bad idea all around.

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Before you know it, there you are: the dread — and yet all-too-frequently visited — land of the office romance, the territory that strikes fear into the hearts of executives. Even the erudite offices of National Public Radio are a love nest: Over the years, NPR has produced 60 marriages between staffers.

The airline has about 1,000 married couples on its rolls and gives an annual “Love Award” recognizing the contribution that one special couple makes to the company.

Unless you were one of the few people still watching last year, you probably aren’t familiar with the latest evidence of Americans’ litigious obsession: the love contract.

Not satisfied to seek legal counsel only with prenuptial and divorce papers, people are now signing “consensual-relationship agreements,” which are bringing the courtroom into the heart of the process of courting.

“Forget policies that say that if you date, you’re fired,” Powers advises.

“They don’t work.” When workers are forced to skulk around, intentions become much murkier and the outcomes are far less positive. “Looking at the data, however, it’s more like playing with matches.”2. Taking the plunge doesn’t mean letting it all hang out. With approximately 8 million Americans (that’s the population of New York City) slated to dip their pens in the company ink this year, those are pretty good numbers — and much better odds than the success rates for more traditional approaches to dating.“The conventional wisdom is that it’s playing with fire — and management would like you to believe that,” says Janet Lever, a professor of sociology at California State University in Los Angeles.“People still appreciate the effort to keep it out of the workplace, though.”3. It causes drama in the office, and let’s not even get started on the drama it causes at home. For all the money that Welch made as the iconic head honcho of General Electric, his divorce settlement with his wife may wind up being the biggest deal of his entire career.4.And remember: The forbidden fruit is the most tempting.List for tomorrow may not come on, but damn that harmoney dating site was good thinking on dating women seeking sex in St George and Dennis.