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It is believable in this shot that Tony Stark is having a video chat with his friend and mentor, and that phone does that coll flippy-thing to give you the correct aspect ratio for chatting.It’s mostly believable that this phone does what Stark is doing with it. I mean, we don’t have personal jetpacks or robot servants or anything, but we’ve actually got the handheld video chat device that has been in countless science fiction portrayals of the future. Why doesn’t Batman have a Nexus S to talk with Alfred?

When he answers it, he is greeted by Samuel L Jackson’s smiling face. Jackson more face time in the movie, and I am sure Motorola payed handsomely for the product placement, but there’s one small problem with that phone in real life. There’s more then one small thing wrong with this phone.

For starters, I don’t think this phone had a rear facing camera, and it certainly doesn’t have a front facing one.

It does seem kind of odd to me, however, that now that this tech is readily available, you don’t see it in movies anymore.

Even recently, Hollywood has tried so hard to get us to believe that these phones were real, how about now that they are real? Hollywood has put high resolution video chat on some pretty weird phones in our day.

The charges, reported in the Washington Post, included: "conspiracy" and "sale of a surreptitious interception device".

The allegation was that Stealth Genie violated the law "by offering the ability to secretly monitor phone calls and other communications".This is a shot of the Motorola Accompli in the movie .In this movie, Vin Diesel is given this phone not knowing it is capable of video chat until it rings later in the movie.Sure, our phones are powerful slabs of glass and battery, but they don’t really look like spy gear, do they?They don’t flip open or spin to a new aspect ratio or anything.Ever since I was a kid, my favorite comics, books, and movies have all contained a seemingly mythical piece of technology: video chat.