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A great deal of time and money had been invested into this.

A whole year of preparations were at stake, beginning with the thousands of flyers sent to health clubs and universities all across North America offering six weeks of relaxation and fun on the tropical island that I called home, and a cool, whopping payment of 0,000 (USD) at the end.

Going over them resulted in three-fourths being promptly rejected, but then it got much tougher.

Requests for additional information, including photographs, were sent out and as a result, some of the applicants replied.

Also during those same conversations, I came to the conclusion that there was a good, genuine quality about Devon.

What exactly _was_ genuine, I was not sure of at this point in time. Trish was a marvelous, captivating young lady with lush brown eyes, long, yellow-blonde hair and the type of bright, pearly-white smile often seen in toothpaste advertisements.

I did my best to get a nice variety of different looks and personalities.

At the same time, though, my goal was for the girls to be compatible with not only me, but each other as well.I worked 20 hours per day getting the mansion ready, installing all of the wiring and video equipment, and finally stocking the supplies for the six women and yours truly with plenty left over to spare for emergencies.The supply boat would only come once a week, so if there was a massive storm or unforeseen disaster, we could potentially be stranded.Long, coal-black hair and dark, piercing eyes only added to her sensuous appeal.The luscious Latina still lived at home with her parents, but looked at these upcoming six weeks on the island as a way to really branch out in life and explore new possibilities. The dancing queen of Baltimore, Pamela had made quite a nice living for herself in the fast-paced, frenzied world of adult entertainment. She certainly did not fit its usual stereotype, however.She had been through a failed marriage and seemed to take immense pride in exuding a _bad girl_ persona.