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Despite the fact that we live in a massive city filled with endless options for things to eat, see, and experience, coming up with fun and interesting date ideas can be insanely difficult.Before you subject your date to another round of “I don’t know, what do you want to do?Skip having to spend money on someone you just met with Free Thursdays at the Art Institute of Chicago (you like free stuff, right?

Grab a drink at each spot, hit up the photo booth, and then move on to the next. A night out at Dusek’s, Punch House, and Thalia Hall is like three dates in one.Start off with oysters at the newly BIB-nominated Dusek’s, then head to an after-dinner show at Thalia Hall, the historic landmark space redesigned and reopened in 2013 by the same owners.Grab a blanket, pack some snacks, bring a bottle of wine, and kick back on the lawn.Outdoor concerts are low-pressure, laid-back, and give you the opportunity to talk and get to know each other better. Turn up the fun factor by challenging your date to a game.Just stay away from anything from The biggest problem with long meals?

By the time you’re done, you tend to feel groggy and too full to move.Tip: although shisha is quite different from tobacco, make sure your date isn't devoted to maintaining perfectly pink lungs before making any reservations.Start off the night at Superdawg and see if your date passes the ketchup test, then make your way over to Southport Lanes -- one of the few bowling alleys left that uses human pinsetters.Get up close and personal with your food by cooking side-by-side at The Chopping Block.Choose from demonstration classes, interactive classes, or wine classes.Visit Headquarters Beercade or Emporium for arcade games, or Guthries Tavern for good, old-fashioned board games, all with great beer options.