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I really want their faces shown to general wider public, they are a disgrace for the whole country. Ownous is on the government to apprehend and give maximum punishment as a lesson for others. Raise your voice people, its your duty as a citizen of pakistan, dont sleep on it!Such cases should be dealt with no less importance as the terrorist cases. We will not tolerate such things in our country anymore, PML-N, please show us that you care about each and every citizen, make an example.

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Every man, woman and child of Pakistan is equally important! One among the many causes of such inhuman practices is the uncheked increased use of alchohalic breavages by a significant segment of society as a result not only the propensity for indulging in such forms of crimes increase but also the users in most cases demonstrate behaviours akin to the point of insensitivity.

In the mist of intoxication the perpetrators find himself in a state in which it is becomes extremely difficult to listen to the voice of morality and the urge to honor human dignity.

These rapist are men of influence and nothing happens to them.

Remember the case of the 3 sons of a politician kidnapping and raping a girl in Faisalabad.

Most cases of crimes have been observed to be carried out under the influence of intoxication and the law inforcement agencies must take notice of this point.

It can be just hoped that the ends of justice would be met and the real culprits would be nabed in order to provide the victim her right because it is impossible for all of us to bring back her the lost chastity but we can make the culprits a lesson for others who are not inclined to honor the dignity of someones chastity.

The case was taken back by the family of the victim after a few days registering it.

The media also did not reveal the names of the politician or the sons. @AW You have been given the metro by these thieves. Their Secretary General youth wing is involved in such crimes. @Rahul I agree with Rahul, but as per the current events the perpetrators have already been caught, with two of them still on the loose.

If a woman agrees to have sex with 100 men, she is still entitled to refuse man 101, and if he forces himself on her, it is still rape.

Rape is about violation and lack of consent, not about the character of the victim.

This heinous crime is happening under the nose of the Prov Govt and good governance of Mian Shahbaz Sharif.