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Shereen El Feki’s book is entitled Sex and the Citadel: Intimate Life in a Changing Arab World.

Some of what she discovered in interviews across Arab cultures is not surprising, for example, the condemnation by the ruling Muslim Brotherhood of the recent UN resolution on violence against women.

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Others buy an unofficial marriage contract for about US and sign it in front of two witnesses to try to meet Islamic requirements of a public declaration.

'Legitimate cover'Usually they carry on living at home and stay quiet about their arrangement.

"It's a secret marriage between a boy and girl which even their parents don't know about," explains a 20-year-old archaeology student.

"They don't announce it publicly." "From what I hear there are a lot of students in this university who have urfi marriages," adds his companion, Dina.

Of course people would also like to have a fancy wedding which can be quite expensive." Pregnancies Although they may be cheap, many urfi marriages do not end happily.

A telephone hotline at the Egyptian Centre for Women's Rights receives regular calls from young women confused about the legal and religious status of their marriages or seeking help when things have gone wrong.Although the guy does go down on his mature Arab wife before fucking her.» In this 10 minutes long Arab sex tape, a man is fucking his hijab covered young wife in a very gentle and loving way.However there is a way of bending the rules - urfi marriage.Young Egyptians are said to be opting for these informal marriages in record numbers, often as a way of getting around religious strictures against premarital sex.Very lovey dovey romantic sex in this one with the only surprise being when he mouth fucks her.