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Meanwhile, “group sex, bestiality, and sadomasochism are prevalent in pornographic materials that children stumble upon.” Breaux said porn’s “dehumanizing” effect can spread into a person’s entire life.“We select people in the pornographic pictures for our personal slaves.“As a therapist, I am convinced that these images can be deeply traumatising to children — not least because a competitive market means that pornographers are trying to outdo each other to come up with the most extreme images,” he said.

The same boy admitted that he enjoyed “seeing women being hurt” and fantasized about strangling them - all the while thinking of suicide himself, because he feared that hardcore porn had ruined his chances at a real relationship forever.

Another case cited by Woods was Andrew, 13, who had sexually abused his five-year-old half-sister.

When addicted to porn, “we go blind to the goodness within us, believing we are bad and unlovable,” she said.

“My clients, who turned to pornography to soothe their loneliness and emotional pain, tell me ‘Pornography ruined my life.

“My clients are primarily adult men seeking help for pornography compulsion, but I am painfully aware that experts report there is no way to prevent children from being exposed to pornography,” Breaux told Life Site in an email.

Breaux said the porn trap is especially pernicious for children, who have yet to develop a sense of boundaries against acting out what they have seen with others.We do not think of their hunger, their wounds, their need for our genuine love and concern,” the therapist said.“This slaveholder attitude creeps into our relationship skills.” As a sex addict loses sight of others’ dignity, said Breaux, this assessment of the human person ultimately takes root in themselves, destroying their self-esteem.But it gave me funny feelings and the pictures started to stick in my head,” the boy said, according to Woods.“The websites led me to other websites and soon I was looking at even weirder stuff I could never have imagined — animals, children, stabbing and strangling.They describe grade-schoolers dropping out of school to spend the day at the computer feeding their porn addiction, while their real-life budding sexuality, trained on hardcore porn, is warped away from real relationships and towards an ever-growing appetite of voyeurism and violence.