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Hope you enjoyed the food journey as much as I did putting up this post for you. Until next time we meet, be good, do good and keep smiling 🙂 P.

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Then a plate is placed on top of it on which hot charcoal pieces are kept.When kept on a low flame, it gets cooked on both sides to perfection.It is believed, daily use of jaggery may increase human life span. It simply means jaggery producing units (in a small scale).Jaggery strengthens the nervous system, improves bones, prevents anaemia and protects the body against environmental toxins. Its a festival, a sugarcane juice extraction festival to prepare jaggery in a traditional way mainly for domestic use.The ingredients include rice flour,salt,coconut,ghee and onion is optional.

This roti goes well with a chutney made from grated coconut and mixed with red chili powder,some sugar and salt. 🙂 Then we move on to which is basically cauliflower cut into small pieces and loosely fried with salt, chilli powder,bit of turmeric and then tempered with mustard. Then its ) is a unique spice which is found mostly in Konkani cuisine.Its like a occasion when during those days, we never fail to ask our family/friends whether they had mushrooms this season during our casual conversation.The button mushrooms which we get throughout the year doesn’t come an inch closer to these natural mushrooms in terms of taste and quality.But interestingly, sugar didn’t originate from India, but from China, hence also called as “cheeni” referring to China. Jaggery is an unrefined healthy sweetener prepared using concentrated sugarcane juice.So how would Indians get their sweetness sorted out before sugar came into our kitchen? It is made up of Sucrose, Glucose, Protein, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium and Phosphorous.For whole lot of recipes of authentic Konkani cuisine and other cuisines as well, check out this blog site by clicking here. When we spot a cute kid we are like when a friend states eagerly awaited good news.