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It will then compare any url you visit with the items on the list, and if it finds a match, connect Google to find out if the url is still on the blacklist or if it has been removed from it.: This works in pretty much the same way as safebrowsing.

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To disable both features do the following: This can be useful if you are using a different application, a local security software for example or another browser extension, as protection.

Firefox checks downloads against a local list and classifies them as safe or malware.

This feature checks for updates to those information.

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Yesterday, they need to insall a plugin and it didn't work so we had to add the following usr that was getting b;locked in websense :mozilla.netaddons.mozilla.orgaus5.mozilla.orgincoming.telemetry.mozilla.mozilla.mozilla.This fixed the pugin issue but all computers Firefox were updated to 5.1.0, and it created a big mess for more than 100 users.

I need to know if there is better way to stop updates.

First connections initiated by the user of the browser, for instance when an url is entered into the address bar of the browser or when a link is clicked on, and then automatic connections for a variety of reasons.

Some power browser updates, other may retrieve certificates or verify if a page is malicious or not.

If it cannot identify a file using the local list, it queries Google's Safe Browsing service by sending metadata to get a verdict on the download.