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But the banners and billboards that began appearing in March all over Shuangfeng, a rural county in central China’s Hunan province, bore exhortations more curious than most. Let’s engage in a people’s war against blackmailing activities using fake obscene pictures,” read one.

Another urged: “Crack down on the crime of extortion using fabricated obscene photos.” What lies behind these unusual party directives? Starting in 2011, a number of Shuangfeng residents began supplementing their income by using the popular software to create fake sex photos featuring local officials and businessmen.

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In their place, slogans more typical of Chinese street corners have been hung, like “Be honest and trustworthy, build a harmonious society.” Given the sharp social, economic and political divisions in Chinese society today, officials wanting to paint a picture of harmony might want to resort to Photoshop too.

TAIPEI: Justin Lee, the son of a wealthy Taiwan businessman, surrendered to Taiwan authorities on Thursday; 23 days after the Taiwan police issued a warrant for his arrest.

Ahmad Ahnaf, who is now jobless, faces a second charge of showing his private part and masturbating in front of the victim, and for indecency.

He faces a third charge of molesting the woman, and was accused under Section 354 for assault or use of criminal force on a person with intent to outrage modesty.

“He even locked all the entrances to prevent the victim from running out,” he said, adding that the victim later managed to free herself before getting help from her neighbours.

China wouldn’t be China without the officious slogans that plaster every other wall and railing, educating citizens on the latest government policy or crackdown.(MORE: Communist Party Officials Gone Wild: Sex-Tape Scandal Rocks China) China’s systemic corruption, currently the target of a crackdown by new leader Xi Jinping, is often tied to sexual scandal.In recent months, numerous Chinese officials have been targeted in online show-and-shame campaigns that usually involve images — apparently genuine — of errant cadres in various stages of undress, accompanied by women other than their wives.In asking for a lower bail, Ahmad Ahnaf’s counsel Fahmi Abd Moin said his client’s wife was six months pregnant and he has two young daughters.Fahmi said Ahmad Ahnaf was a medical officer at a government hospital but tendered his resignation on Nov 2, adding that his wife who is also a medical officer, was supporting the family.The images were then sent to those purportedly involved in a crude blackmail scheme, according to government prosecutors.