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There will be a continuous data feed from a censor so I want to try and make a dynamic strip chart where it will continuously update with the data from the sensor. I've been trying to render it, then continuously adding points so I can see the graph dynamically updated with every new data point.

I read somewhere that you can use some chart feature which doesn't plot eveyr single point but draws a shape clsoe enough to what the data resembles to save the processing power?

To chart your data just choose the Windmill Chart program.

Select up to 8 channels from the list and press the Start button for a continuously updating graph.

CODE UPDATE In add Data To Series function i am adding 1600 random values and populating values in chart1. This is because the volume of data coming to the browser is too much, and it is not able to handle the same.

In add Rff Data To Series function, i am populating peak values in chart2 private void prepare Time Line() private void start Timer() private void stop Timer() private void prepare Rff Time Line() private void start Rff Timer() private void stop Rff Timer() public void add Data To Series() public void add Rff Data To Series() From what ever source you getting the data from some web service call or reading for some queue. Secondly, make sure you close your connection once your point moves out of the screen, this is reduce the number of open connections and improve performance.

You can also use your own data, as long as you use the same column headers and worksheet structure.

The following procedure will help you create a Gantt chart.I'm trying to implement a strip chart that will be continuously updating via data from a sensor. There are a variety of different approaches, the most reliable method would be a polling AJAX update to re-download the image (assuming the chart is an image). it's continuous, the data is a feed from a bunch of sensors so it's consistently updating.I've been googlling around and I can seem to find out how to implement this. I've been trying to get it to work with asp: Chart Control but i can only get the chart to render once it's read a fixed number of data from a file.Will the WPF chart control support continuous updating and display the chart after each update.Need to show status for a simple project schedule with a Gantt chart?Chart handles many types of input channel, from many types of devices and sensors, including: thermocouples, pressure transducers, digital switches, flow meters and almost any laboratory instrument with an RS232 port.