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Not that he’s not fun to be with but he wouldn’t come up with something crazy. HE MARKS HIS TERRITORYOne thing you should know about the old-fashioned man is that he doesn’t joke with his lady.

An old-fashioned man loves it when everyone knows that his lady is a no-go-area.

HE’S NOT ADVENTUROUSThe old-fashioned man doesn’t take too much risks, he doesn’t have an adventurous side; everything he does is pre-calculated.

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He wants to create memories with them and for them – as well as for himself, of course.Too many people these days see dating as a recreational activity rather than as a potential start to a new life.The old-fashioned man is sensitive to the woman’s needs; as far as he loves you then he would go the extra mile.5.HE ALWAYS PAY THE BILLSThe old-fashioned man wants to be the man at all times.One may even argue that the old-fashioned man is a male chauvinist because of the way he goes about his things.

To him, he just loves when his will is done, when he wants it and how he wants it.2.

When it comes to paying the bills, he would never hesitate.

I don’t know if it’s as a result of his ego or that he wants to please his lady or the combination of both, but one sure thing is that the old-fashioned man would always pay the bills at all times; he doesn’t need a contribution from the lady, he loves to be the man.6.

The way you dress greatly decides how people judge you and how they treat you.

Plus, there is such a thing as beauty – and those laws are governed by nature. A real old-fashioned gentleman uses his words and uses them like a painter uses a brush. You can't replace you – you can't upgrade to a newer and better model.

JEALOUSYCompared to the new generation guys, an old-fashioned man is one that gets jealous easily.