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Golly-gosh, what a conundrum, we find, between creator and audience!

Holy Hell, and how can one even use those terms, as spiritual as they are! It's a hard sell, I tell you, spiritual and secular readers alike!

Il tuo account Amazon Music non รจ al momento associato a questo paese.Per approfittare dei vantaggi offerti da Prime Music, accedi alla Libreria musicale e trasferisci il tuo account su (IT).And here we go again, dear readers, another weekly update!You, waiting with all the powers of your desire for another Bob the Angry Flower cartoon; me, creating one with desperate hope that nobody was looking forward to one!He is very particular about his sushi and has not wanted to change old habits. I asked only for water to drink and was pointed towards a cooler to get my own water. Good atmosphere and I love the family-run/ hole in the wall vibe. Stray observations:-whole place is very family owned, authentic. Very cute-Self serve hot tea was wonderful-takeout is VERY popular-great, attentive, fast staff.

Now seriously, if you have found the crowd inhibiting at the door of this one table, 10 stool sushi bar, then quickly get over it. You have to "know" how to order and that is to signal the girl behind the register and shout your order to her. Yes Vic's is tiny, 10 at most, and yes there isn't a washroom or ice. But it is all about the fish, the cut, the attention to detail and the sauce. they made sure we finished the whole bottle of sake too :) Luckily we got there very early on a Friday night before a comedy show next door. What they lack in space they make up for with great sushi and creative rolls. We come because the food is spectacular, and because the wait is rather short. We come, take the salad from the fridge and nibble as we wait. Food came out quickly but then you get to ask for napkins, chopsticks and a bowl for the soy sauce. We live close, bring our own sake and know that even with 2 of 3 couples ahead of us the wait will not be long and will be worth it. I am pretty certain that on any one night in Philly Vic will serve the best sushi for the best price. Great fresh fish, not a ton of rice and plenty of rolls to choose from. The specialty rolls are my favorite but my better half must start with the tuna dumplings - don't ask, just order. In fact, from Paris to San Fransisco we have tried 100s of sushi bars and we still love Vic's and are glad we can walk in any time (except Sunday, they are closed). After getting a good buzz from sake we decided to finish with a yellow dragon role. How much better would these cartoons be if we didn't ask readers to sign on to the idea of an agry flower character instead of a stick figure? The answer, I am confident, is, "TONS." Regardless, here we are at the Bob the Angry Flower cartoon weekly web page. Cartoons such as this: About this week's cartoon, that is. We do give up one of our precious hours, no question.I suspect it may be completely meaningless to anybody who isn't a fan of a particular brand of British Columbian dairy products. Readers, I give you Folks, I'm as surprised as anybody to hear at the bar that this weekend is the time when we do our Daylight Savings Time shift. Nights get longer, days get shorter, an extra hour is precicely what we want. But we suddenly get back in return the glorious gift of sunlight when we're leaving work.The Bookmobile is a full-service branch of the Natrona County Library.