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This post does not reflect the views of Colorado and it's ownership." GM Chevy Colorado/Canyon Passlock System change How To: BEFORE YOU DO THIS AT YOUR HOUSE. Basicllly the truck goes into 'Reduced Power Traction Fault" message I wait 60-120 seconds and it fires back up then repeats the cycle again and again. Hunter Brush Guard 2006 Chevy Colorado 5 speed 2.8 WT Mods: MBRP Exhaust..

THE COLORADO/CANYON COMPUTER WILL NOT RECOGNIZE THE NEW PASSLOCK SO THEREFOR YOU NEED TO BE AT THE DEALERSHIP, HAVE A FRIEND OR YOURSELF WITH A TRAILER AND ANOTHER TRUCK OR MONEY FOR A TOW BILL ONCE YOU PUT IT IN YOUR TRUCK WILL NOT CRANK AT ALL. FORTUNATELY I HAD A HOOK UP WITH A FREE TOW 20 MILES AWAY FROM THE DEALERSHIP. it will throw a check engine light but when I leave it sitting for longer than 2 hours and start it back up the check engine light is gone. Truxxx 2inch Leveling coilspacer To Come: CST 5 inch Spindles or Fabtech 3 inch Spindles...

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You can watch thousands of sexy girls on webcam and chat with them for FREE Click Here to See Who is Online at My Free Cams right now! Please refrain from posting explicit content publicly.This adult chat is for mature adults only and is not intended to be a public sex chat room. use the striphead screw where you drilled out the stock screw then you have to get it hooked up to the GM computer so the truck computer recognizes it. now more being left out without a truck for several mins. 2007 Colorado Crew Cab Xtreme ZQ8 3.7/I5 3LT / Very dark pewter leather Trailering Package,3.73, G80 Onstar, XM Radio, Sunroof Modifications: K&N Air Filter, Weather Tech Floorliners, Line X, Window Tint 20%, 3M Clear Paint Protection but my cousin works up at the dealership here so i have hook ups. My truck has been having the exact same issues and I finally took to the dealer. but if its just the pass lock you dont need a pcm i changed mine at my house then had to tow it to get it programed but programming is all that needed to be done. Now the real men that can actually handle what i just said, you are more than welcome to say hello.

Have a good one kisses My Ideal Person: i'm looking for my other world. A man that is passionate, and can go with the flow. this shows the back side of the steering wheel off lets you know how the air bag is really held in the steering wheel FIFTH: Disconnect the air bag pink on pink & brown on white then take the 19mm socket and take the steering wheel off MAKE SURE YOUR WHEEL IS STRAIGHT WHEN YOU TAKE IT OFF so you can put it back on the same way. Truxxx 2inch Leveling coilspacer To Come: CST 5 inch Spindles or Fabtech 3 inch Spindles... Anyway they told me that their best guess was that it is an ignition problem and the entire ignition should be replaced to the tune of 0.00 but they would not reccommend spending the money for the repair because they were unable to recreate the issue and could not confirm that would fix the problem. it takes some force to pull off the steering wheel. Any help would be great as I am almost ready to take it to the stealership and leave it until the figure it out. For me a perfect date is one where we head out with a plan, but we go where the night takes us.I'm not changing my life, I'm just trying to make it more interesting. Feel free to drop me a line and let's see what develops. *UPDATE* Well boys, and funny thing is, is that i really mean boys this time. Cuz to be honest you boys have been doing a number to me. What makes me laugh is that a lot of you say you dont want games and a woman that speaks her mind, and here you are the ones playing games and want the girl to shut up and stick your cock in her mouth.Disclaimer: "Please use caution and seek professional assistance when necessary. I have also tried cleaning out the throtte body and problem still happening. i dont know bout the side note but the price should be around 90 for the passlock, 4 or 5 for the screw and at my dealership its 85 to reprogram but it all depends on the dealership but just make sure you have a way to get to the dealership after you put in the new passlock like i said in the how to.