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For more information on what I consider to be vital military links, see the right-hand menu or my Finding your army ancestor post.

The National Archives at Kew also provides free access, as do may archives and libraries.

All of the records above can be viewed free of charge by taking out a FREE trial with Ancestry or Findmypast.

Furthermore, you'll find records in the Findmypast version that you won't find on Ancestry.

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I don't think they throw the preprinted plates away just because the year changes.

I am not sure of this but I do remember getting 1992 guitars delivered in 1993 etc. 1991 -- PRS stopped offering Brazilian rosewood fingerboards.

Note that Findmypast has also indexed service and pension records for the First World War and these are available as a single search.

The campaign medal rolls and the silver war badge rolls can, with care, also provide valuable information.

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