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I don't think she realizes how powerful she is, and that's going to be played out over the course of the rest of the season." Roiz points out that Renard, who is half Wesen himself, has his own issues about dealing with Juliette in her altered state.

When Season 4 began, for example, Tulloch's character, Juliette, was still human.But after various machinations to help her boyfriend Nick regain his Grimm powers, Juliette has turned into a Hexenbiest, a fearsome Wesen who has a witch's mighty powers. 13 episode, Juliette had a fierce battle with Adalind (Claire Coffee), who learned her fellow Hexenbiest had powers greater than her own, and skedaddled away in a hurry.I think it's starting to happen with Juliette, as well.He can't make sensible decisions when she's around." The rest of Season 4 promises more stress for Renard, Roiz says.Juliette bursts into Renard's room, and the two have a heated exchange.

They go through the scene a few more times, until the director calls cut, and Roiz and Tulloch take a break.Onscreen life is one stressful thing after another for the "Grimm" characters, who contend with supernatural creatures, a power-mad European royal family, ancient keys, and Portland's ever-unpredictable weather.But on an early February visit to the "Grimm" set, the stars are all smiles. "We didn't expect to get the renewal announcement this early." "Grimm" premiered in 2011, and while other, higher-profile NBC hour-long dramas that launched around that same time are history, "Grimm" has been a solid performer for NBC, reaching an average of 7.2 million viewers per episode.Nick is also a Grimm, descended from a long line of criminal profilers -- including the Brothers Grimm -- who can see Wesen, or supernatural creatures, hiding beneath their ordinary human appearance. "One of the best things about being a genre show is that the fans are so loyal," says Tulloch.The combination of fantasy elements, an overarching mythology about the history of Grimms and Wesen, case-of-the-week procedurals, and an ensemble cast with chemistry to burn, have won "Grimm" a following around the world. More mayhem on the way But before getting into gear for a fifth season, the "Grimm" cast and crew are hard at work in Portland wrapping up Season 4, which has thrown even more wild plot twists into the mix.Having uncontrolled Hexenbiest powers may be terrifying for Juliette, but it's the kind of bold storytelling choice that keeps "Grimm" fresh.