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Portions of South Africa were formerly ruled by Portugal, The Netherlands, and Great Britain.

As the proud national airline of South Africa and member of the Star Alliance, this app is another touch point in making your experience of traveling with South African Airways a world class one ensuring you travel in award winning style and comfort. Spend just a few minutes using British Airways, Lufthansa or United Airlines and you would learn just how incompetent your app is.

South Africa boasts 3 capital cities: Pretoria (executive), Cape Town (legislative) and Bloemfontein (judicial). South Africa is a popular destination for European and North American travelers.

There are many famed coastal, mountain and savannah hiking trails throughout the country from the Cape Point in the Western Cape to Messina in the Limpopo providence.The Otter Trail, Giant’s Cup and the Outeniqua Trails are also well known and a real treat.Cape Town, often ranked amongst one of the world’s best holiday cities is known for its sophisticated life style as well as beautiful scenery, wonderfully charming waterfront location and stunning views from Signal Hill.Durban, also on the coast but approximately 1600km (1000 miles) northeast from Cape Town, is one of South Africa’s holiday playgrounds and the country’s busiest ports.Throughout the country many local and family owned hotels offers excellent accommodations that are luxurious, and well appointed with the main difference being the local charm and less formal setting.

Many travelers visit South Africa for a safari or adventure tour.

We are proud to offer a full listing of activities.

Throughout South Africa there are number of interesting places of interest in the cities as well as in the country side.

Many tour operators offers exceptional hospitality at some of the finest well-appointed gaming lodges in the world.

South Africa offers many exceptional destinations to explore and which span a vast landscape from warm sunny oceans to impressive savannas to wilderness areas situated amongst impressive mountain ranges.

Golfing is also a very popular activity in South Africa for tourists.