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Comparison of commissural sprouting in the mouse and rat fascia dentata after entorhinal cortex lesion.


The fuller breasts seen in the recent Fem Joy series were a temporary choice.

If you check her Instagram images you can see she currently has breasts similar to her earlier modeling'm really trying to keep an open mind, but I just can't see that it's the same girl.

(2013) Mass spectrometry investigation of glycosylation on tche NXS/T sites in recombinant glycoproteins.

(2013) Investigation of stable and transient protein-protein interactions: past, present and future.

I have published sixteen papers in the last two years focusing on proteomic methodology and/or behavioral disorders.

I am particularly interested in the identification of protein biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis of neurodevelopmental disorders and in their use for monitoring the psychotherapeutic/behavioral treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders.

G., Sokolowska I., Taurines R., Gerlach M., Dudley E., Thome J., Darie C.

Potential biomarkers in psychiatry: focus on the cholesterol system. (2011) Review of studies of ADHD: long-term outcomes with and without treatment. (2011) Long-term outcomes of ADHD: Global and regional study publication trends.

Dexamethasone selectively suppresses microglial trophic responses to hippocampal deafferentation.

Deafferentation-induced increases in hippocampal insulin-like growth factor-1 messenger RNA expression are severely attenuated in middle aged and aged rats.

Identification of consistent alkylation of cysteine-less peptides in a proteomics experiment.