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Here are some screenshots of the Android example app.

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If you are looking for fun, the Win WAP browser provides access to all the same services (chat, information, google etc.) that you use on your mobile phone. Feature Set * HTTP(S) transport and download * WSP/WTP/WTLS transport and download * Support for any screen size * "Drag to scroll" technology for touch screens * History of visited pages * Support for cookies * Support for file caching * WAP push * Homepage | Stop | Refresh | Favorites | Add URL | View & Save Image * Download media files to predefined locations * Pre-populated favorites in a menu Security * SSL 3.0 * TLS 1.0 Supported Content Types * x HTML Mobile Profile 1.2 * x HTML 1.1 * WML 2.0 * HTML 4.01 * CSS (WAP CSS, CSS 2.1) Win95, Win98, Win ME, Win NT 4.x, Windows2000, Win XP, Windows2003, Windows Vista Starter, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows Vista Ultimate Skin your IExplorer browser; Mouse Gestures - hold down right mouse button and draw;it will track the movement of the mouse in the browser window providing actions; Pop Up Kill3r - the ultimate popup killing machine; Watch 300 LIVE world TV stations for FREE.

Some telecom operators require that you connect your mobile phone to your computer/PDA and use it as a GPRS-modem in order to get access to the telecom operator specific services. TV is an extremely easy to use application and anyone can find their own favorite stations on TV.

The first one is to simply load all of the content from the web and the second one is to integrate the base files needed directly into the app. In both cases the actual unblu application is loaded from the unblu server on the internet.

The files discussed here are the base HTML in which the chat will run; CSS files to style the content, as well as the javascript files that start and maintain the session using the unblu API. This example will show how to integrate the files in the app.

Win WAP Smartphone Browser Emulator let's you use WAP services on your Windows PC.

The browser is a mobile Internet browser that emulates the way you would use the mobile Internet services on built-in browser of a smartphone.

Classic Phone Tools 6 is an easy way to extend your PC’s communication.