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Collins and David Crosby's live performance of the song at the 1991 Grammy Awards was released on the 1994 album Grammy's Greatest Moments Volume I. It also saw out the 1980s and saw in the 1990s at the top of the German singles chart. David Crosby also appears performing backing vocals.Popular music historian Colin Larkin wrote that "Another Day in Paradise" had been widely criticised.

It was also a worldwide success, eventually becoming one of the most successful songs of his solo career.

It won Collins and Padgham the Grammy Award for Record of the Year at the 1991 awards ceremony, while it was also nominated for Song of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Performance, Male and Best Music Video, Short Form.

Wilson also said Collins became "an easy target when future elections came round".

Less than six months after the release of the original Phil Collins version, a cover version by dance act Jam Tronik was released in the UK.

For them, the experience of becoming homeless is another major stressor amidst already complicated traumatic experiences.

Children experience high rates of chronic and acute health problems while homeless.If you are homeless, have nowhere to stay or need to move urgently, contact us for advice and information. If we are satisfied that you fulfil our criteria we may offer you a tenancy in the private sector or temporary accommodation while we make our decision or while we wait for a permanent home to become available.You may also be eligible to join the Lewisham Letting Scheme.Collins addressed the criticism from the English rock press at the time of its release, who found him unqualified to sing about the poor due to his wealth, by saying: "When I drive down the street, I see the same things everyone else sees.It's a misconception that if you have a lot of money you're somehow out of touch with reality." Singer-songwriter and political activist Billy Bragg was scathing of the song in an interview in 2000, drawing a contrast between Collins and an act he admired, the Clash, stating: "Phil Collins might write a song about the homeless, but if he doesn't have the action to go with it he's just exploiting that for a subject." Writing for the BBC in 2010, David Sheppard described the song's lyrics as "cringe-worthy" and gave it as an example of Collins "painting the bull’s-eye on his own forehead" when it came to his negative status with music critics.This means that you have done something deliberately which causes you to be homeless.