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The enlightened liberal media.refuses to cover stories about the widespread and easily seen antisemitism among Arabs and Muslims.

He seemed just the sort of spy the CIA is looking for to fight the war on terror.

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Investigators who searched Warren's mansion, where his attorney said he was living undercover, found many drugs, including Xanax and valium, which are sometimes used as date rape drugs. Investigators also found a book on investigations of sexual assault and a computer with pornography downloaded.Warren was fired from his job, and returned to the United States.They called the video "A Jew in the Streets of Algeria: What happens?" Here are the results: The first group of people hit and kicked the "Jew." A second group completely ignored him.But after failing to show up for a hearing, federal agents went searching for him near his home in Norfolk, Virginia, where they discovered a neighbour had filed a report that he exposed himself to her.

Prosecutors say the agents eventually found him high on crack in a motel room with a semi-automatic pistol in his shorts pocket. Warren pleaded guilty to abusive sexual contact and a gun charge, with federal sentencing guidelines recommended 27 months to 33 months behind bars.

The length of sentence was longer than expected for Andrew Warren, 43, who went on a crack cocaine-fuelled run from the law after police initially questioned him. But the victim, an international businesswoman with dual citizenship in Algeria and a European country who had known Warren professionally, reported the crime to officials at the U. Preparing drinks, he is thought to have slipped a drug into her drinks which left her drifting in and out of consciousness, losing muscle control and was unable to stop Warren from undressing her and forcing himself on her.

Warren initially said the sexual contact was consensual, but prosecutors said another Algerian woman had told a similar story – which he was not charged for.

That woman said she fell unconscious after consuming drinks Warren prepared during a party at his home in September 2007, but she couldn't say what happened while she was unconscious.

Warren still maintains they had consensual sex, and he was not charged in that incident.

But judges have authority to sentence outside the guidelines, and Huvelle said he deserved more time to reflect the seriousness of the offence and to protect society.