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Much good work has been done by RAI developers to date.Too often, practitioners or researchers either underestimate the skills and effort required, or become overwhelmed by the complexities involved.

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Measurement within the health, social, and behavioral sciences is addressed, and technical and practical guidance is provided.

Acknowledging the increasingly sophisticated contributions in social work, psychology, education, nursing, and medicine, the book balances condensation of complex conceptual challenges with focused recommendations for conceiving, planning, and implementing psychometric study.

Primary points are carefully referenced and consistently illustrated to illuminate complicated or abstract principles.

Basics of construct conceptualization and establishing evidence of validity are complimented with introductions to concept mapping and cross-cultural translation.

Results indicated that more than 70% of the children presented stable performances for the GAI, Gc, and Gv scores.

Conclusion Together, nomothetic and idiographic perspectives suggested that the GAI, Gc, and Gv were the most stable scores in our non-clinical sample.ABSTRACT: Around the world, changing funding policies have pushed for university departments to find increased external project-based funding.While this trend is widely acknowledged, mixed views exist about implications for faculty members’ academic practices.In-depth discussion of cutting edge topics like bias and invariance in item responses is provided.Exploratory and confirmatory factor analytic strategies are illustrated and critiqued, and step-by-step guidance is offered for anticipating elements of a complete data collection instrument, determining sampling frame and size, and interpreting resulting coefficients.Regarding individual differences stability, only the FSIQ and the GAI reached a reliability of .80 required for making decisions about individuals.