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Kid Rock I went back to Dallas for a little while to finish my short film ' Rusty Forkblade.' It was not the instant success I thought it was going to be.

There's a false narrative that if you make a short film right after senior year, you'll be plucked out to make a feature length film, and the rest is history. Evan Daugherty Steven, my friend who came out to me my senior year, was a huge Madonna fan. I did all my requirements, and my senior year was really a gut year.

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I did all genres, and later on a did a lot of extra ballet on top of that. Jacob Artist Make no mistake: Bob Ritchie's up early in the morning taking pictures of his son on the first day of his senior year.

I actually got accepted to Julliard for dance during my senior year, but I ultimately turned it down to come to L. Kid Rock is passed out in a hotel room somewhere with four scantily-clad women.

And recently they began getting re-acquainted because Cathleen and Brian plan to move in together next month.

They checked shelter records and found that Ozzy and Butter were, in fact, the long-lost brothers.

He was a theater teacher, and he basically was a little bit like ' High School Musical.' He kind of encouraged the jocks to get involved with the plays.

But love doesn't bring and never has brought happiness.

I didn't go with the Dodgers until spring training of 1940 and I weighed all of 155 pounds soaking wet.